Sports Performance is an ongoing and collaborative process involving Athlete, Coach and Provider. Collaboratively, we work to integrate nutritional intervention that is supportive to the athlete’s goals. Proper nutritional status along with reduced inflammation can result in performance improvement and injury reduction by focusing on and affecting the entire bodily system.

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Sports Nutrition is Key!

If you’re invested in your athletic performance, body composition, and career longevity, sports nutrition is crucial to break athletic barriers. What goes into your body affects your performance, your well-being, and your results.

At Nursegeorgie, we utilize functional medicine sports nutrition. This approach uses nutrient timing and evidence-based protocols for elite results. Our method addresses areas including gut health, autoimmunity, micronutrients, hydration, injury prevention, recovery and sleep patterns through nutrition.

With years of knowledge and experience, we’re excited to help you integrate sports nutrition into your athletic career and accelerate past the competition. We’ll also work together to develop a comprehensive lifestyle plan that actually works for your needs.

We work closely with coaches and sports agents to prepare your athletes for NFL and NBA Combine, Prodays, and throughout your athlete’s career.
We also coach professional athletes into peak nutritional performance.
Package information is listed below. Email our team directly to discuss the specific needs for your athlete. We’d love to hear from you!
Whether you’re preparing for a college scholarship or getting ready to go pro, one thing is for sure:
Nutrition is what’s going to separate you from your competition.

At Nursegeorgie, we understand your needs, and have developed targeted programs just for you.