Don’t leave your home and go to the doctors office to get your blood tested, email now to schedule your blood draw in the comfort of your own home! Many chronic illnesses can be prevented with regular screening, don’t got another moment without knowing what your biochemistry is doing, get your blood tested!

  • Covid Testing 
    • Rapid PRC
    • Rapid Antigen
    • Travel Clearance Certification 
  • Mold Illness Testing
  • Tick Borne Illness Testing
  • Gut Health Testing
  • Nutritional Testing 
  • Hormone Testing 

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We schedule your appointment

When we receive the lab order from your doctor, we will call you directly to schedule an appointment.

We send lab results to your doctor

We will work with the lab you request. If you do not have a preferred lab, we will take the specimen to one of the Quest Diagnostic locations, and the results will be sent to your doctor. Nursegeorgie works with all diagnostic labs and all insurance plans.

Frequently Asked Questions

In our mobile phlebotomy ambulance, we travel to your home, office, nursing home, assisted living facilities—just about anywhere in New England—to draw your blood or collect other doctor-ordered specimens. In a nutshell, where you can be, we can be there!

For your specific lab test, we strictly adhere to all required OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) safety precautions, follow the order of each diagnostic process, and use the correct color-coded tubes and labeling to meet the requirement of each venipuncture. Our ambulance is supplied with all of the medical equipment and instruments we use in our labs, including needles, tube holders, evacuated tubes (referred to as an ‘Evacuated Tube System – ETS’), fingerstick for collecting smaller amounts of blood and heelprick for infants, and all required hazardous material (hazmat) waste receptacles.

Our service includes making the patient aware of the tests we will be performing, in which order, explaining the procedure, and offering instructions on post-puncture care.

Please note, if a patient has special considerations, such as fasting the night before a particular test, we will see that on the lab order. We will work with your schedule and meet with you before you eat breakfast at 7am, for example. We are very flexible. We offer this service to all patients, but we know that the elderly or those who are in nursing homes will especially benefit from this provision.