Nurse Georgie has been providing Corporate Health Services in the USA since 2017. To date, she has structored out these CHS plans in customized ways to meet the individual needs of the client. What have we seen work? In the past it has worked best for a company to allot a certain credit amount to their employees to be used towards whatever services the employee wants (outside of laboratory testing fees).

We have also seen companies subsidize 21-Day Health jumpstart plans for their employees. 21-Day Health jumpstarts have proven to yield long-term and lasting weight loss success as well as reduced pharmaceutical/Rx costs. Call now for a free discovery call and develop the precise CHS that is right for your company.

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Your Health is Key!

Our healthcare concierge services and coordinated care eliminate administrative burdens and reduces your time spent away from work and family. Our exceptional concierge team of care coordinators work in tandem with Nurse Georgie to provide you with total care management. Nurse Georgie delivers ‘peace of mind’, through health care at your convenience and at a level of service simply unattainable elsewhere. I am the health assurance every executive deserves.

“Corporate health” refers to the overall health of a company’s workforce. This includes multiple elements such as nutrition, physical health, mental health, and more.

Health & nutrition is what’s going to separate you from your competition. At  Nurse Georgie, we understand your needs, and have developed targeted programs just for you.